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Our mission is to help people express their faith online through compelling, cause-driven content. Whether it’s creating awareness about sex trafficking, sponsoring children in extreme poverty, helping missionaries on the field, sharing stories of faith or helping fund inspiring films—FaithIt exists to mobilize people to put their faith into action.

Since launch in early September 2013, FaithIt.com has inspired more than 60 million unique visitors, shared hundreds of faith-based stories about love, forgiveness, family and global causes, helped launch several viral videos and raised thousands of dollars for important causes.

In fact, during a typical week on FaithIt.com, our readers have partnered with a pastor in Korea who cares for unwanted babies with disabilities, helped spread the word about the injustice of the sex trade, promoted life through an abortion survivor’s story, encouraged millions to love their neighbors and passed on touching stories of loss and courage to thousands of friends.


To help people express their faith online through faith-based stories.


To launch a powerful social media movement that influences culture for the glory of Christ.


Kingdom Impact




Why Consider Working with FaithIt.com?

  • It is a great opportunity to make a powerful difference for Christ through social media.
  • You will work alongside a team of professional editors and curators with a passion to accomplish God-sized dreams for the Kingdom.
  • You will receive competitive compensation as well as comprehensive benefits.  See "Outreach Benefits" link above.
  • You will work regular hours in a professional office environment with business-casual dress codes.
  • You will enjoy a relaxed work environment with an on-site game room, lunch room, easy parking and a great "can-do" atmosphere.
  • Outreach is a stable and profitable company with a 16-year track record.
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